Monday, 30 January 2017

Major Project - Bed Rigging Test #1

Following Alan's advice, I have put together a rough test rig for the bed. For the legs I used a IKSpringSolver, which has a handy little graph that can be used to dictate the weight it has on joints. I decided to use the flexiPlane that I've used throughout my project as the spine of the rig, that may be changed to a ribbon spine but at the moment it is doing the job required of it.

To test the rig out I put together a really quick animation, I wanted to see if the legs would bend correctly and the overall functionality of the rig. I noticed that the control that moves the leg joints for additional sculpting may need to be orient constrained to the leg joint as well as point constrained. This is because at the moment having only the point constraint limits the ability to sculpt as the geometry remains oriented to the leg.