Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Major Project - Blanket Arm Test & Previs Progress #7

I did a test of how the arm could work, I used a spline IK and a lattice to create this quick test. It seems to be working alright for what I need and the set up is pretty simple. I will move onto creating the actual arm next and then add it all to the previs!

I did some designs for the arm/hand that will be attacking the boy. I wanted it to feel more like a blanket and more cloth like. I think number 3 - 5 are working for me, its thin side on and had buttons where the knuckles are to attach the fingers. being thin it should wrap around the boy nicely!

I made a few tweaks and did a test animation of the mouth in flash for the sighing scene, it proved slightly difficult to start with but I quickly got the hang of it and overall I think it added a lot of life to the sigh.


  1. UV Sets

  2. that tentacle hand is v. creepy somehow!

  3. just thought - the scene when the boy is tied up by the tentacles looking left into the shadows (before the second shot as the spider rears up out of the darkness) - you could have a red glow moving out of the shadows + the sound of something scuttling - so not the eyes, something less descriptive of the spider itself (so as not to give away the jump scare), but evocative of danger and threat. It's probably your intention to 'do' something with this first shot anyway, but creating some secondary action for the boy to be looking at in this shot will balance this shot out compositionally and add some further tension.