Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Character - Session #6

Today In Justin's class we worked on creatures, it was a fun class as we got to merge some animals together that really aren't meant to be combined. So that was the first exercise, we got given 3 animals at random and had to make them work as one, so trying to avoid just sticking parts on randomly.

Here is my attempt at trying to make an Octopus, Bull and Rabbit marry up in harmony.

Next up, we got given the task of creating a unique creature that would dwell in a random environment, I got given Caverns. There are some strange animals that strive in caves, the deeper and darker it gets, the stranger the animals get. So I started off by sketching some existing animals and using parts of them that I liked, then I decided I wanted to create a smaller creature, that would use sound to defend itself.


  1. Lovely sketches! I like the experimenting with different pens on the octopus drawings :D