Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Character - Sidekick Info and Influence Map

Today i started to think in more depth about the sidekick for the hero, I decided a little while ago that the sidekick would be the guardian or watcher of the worlds. He is there to add comic relief as he rages at the worlds being muddled up, he would also give useful information regarding what needs fixing in each level, etc. 

Sidekick (Guardian of the worlds)

Name: (Working on the name)
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Wants (Goals): To repair the worlds and bring order back to the film reel in the sky, as he is the guardian of the worlds and he let them fall into chaos while on duty.
Needs: To be taken seriously and to accept he needs help to complete his goal.
Internal Traits: Height issues (Small man syndrome), Comical, OCD (Everything has to be in order),
External Traits: Small, Stressed by things out of place, Appears stronger than he actually is,
Flaws: Physically weak, Easily annoyed or angered, Thinks he can fix everything by himself
Personal History: He is the newest guardian of the worlds, he resides in the film reel in the sky watching and maintaining an order in all of the worlds. Although he is young he has been doing a successful job since the age of 10, that all changes when the villain and hero ruin his reputation. What he lacks in size he makes up for in personality and plans on being recognised as the best guardian of all time.

Here is an influence map for him, he needs to be short with lots of attitude, however I kind of see him being quite cutesy, as that will probably make the scenario even funnier.

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