Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Character - Villain Colour Comp

I'm still undecided on what colour skin the villain should have, silver kind of works but I think it doesn't really reflect how rebellious he is. 51 is my favourite outfit colour, but I think it can all still be adjusted.


  1. I think the white head works best but I am not sure about the colours of the clothing...hmmmm

  2. for me, the white head works - but I can likewise see how the green, red and blue would work too. I can't help wondering if his clothes are too ordinary for him somehow; that if he was in some kind of uninterrupted 'one piece', he'd look a bit more snazzy. If his skin was coloured, his costume could be a simple black affair - with an appropriate accent colour on it - I think you should work up some very quick block colour versions of this guy in which you commit to a bunch of ensembles in which his skin is also a different colour.